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Hi there First of all,thank Image by 180 followers!

Hi there
First of all,thank you for nearly 100 followers,it mean the world to me.
Many people are saying that "salja" is back,and that she is threatening BTS and EXO members. And had killed 2 female K-Pop idols.
Well,first of all,let's go back to 2018, exactly in a BTS fansign where Jimin was threatened in a tweet that stated "I am going to shoot Park Jimin with a glock in 19 in fort worth on September 16 while he sings Serendipity. It's gonna be fun seeing his lifeless body hit the floor. He's been alive way too long and always getting in the way. Why am i telling you this? Bacause nothing can happen to me on cc,ask the armys getting racist ccs for being ni*gas" but the police arrested the account owner. And i want to tell all Armys that this was the last threat jimin or any BTS member got. Back to topic, it turned out that Salja (pronounce as Salia) is not a "Dangerous Saesang" as it was all over social media bacause she is not a girl, yes that's right ,it is a country in Nepal and this was after many researches.
It may not sound 100% accurate for you,
,but if it isn't then why are bodyguards there? What is their job? How is "she" going to kill BTS and EXO members if "she" is in brazil as they say? And is BIGHIT or SM not going to sue "her"?
I don't know about you, but i am sure that BTS and EXO members are fine.
Thank you for reading❤🐰