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seabubbles, important Image by Yer a brick, Harry 🧱✨

Hi ! Today I want to talk about one of the reasons why I’m not posting often - PA trends. More than a half of people that I follow are posting only complex edits. And I’m not against it ! They look beautiful and I like to see what my friends created. It’s just not my thing, I don’t enjoy making them so I don’t post them.

My real passion is custom editing, where I can create some kind of fantasy just like this edit. I created this account to do that and if you go to my hidden posts, you can see that my first edits were not about celebrities or complex edits, but just edits, custom edits.

I’m thinking about starting to make new edits that would be custom or something that I like. I might do a few trends but I probably won’t keep it as my daily routine.

If anyone read it this far comment #seabubbles ,
y’all are legends because this is looong and I’m one of a least noticeable person here :’)

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