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hihi soooo im leaving Image by gone ♡ 8/27/21


soooo im leaving picsart 🧚‍♀️

honestly ive had a good run here but i just dont rly enjoy it anymore 🥺

ill come back on july 31st because its a special day and ill also be on here from time to time to talk to some of you.

anywhosies yeah 👁👄👁

remember when we used to make a giant paragraph when we were “leaving” then we came back two hours later hsjdhsjhs

we were weird🥰

ok anyways i love you all so much and thank you for everything youve done for me. if youd like to stay in contact my instagram is the one linked on my profile. i also have a twitter @/tommostippytoes . if we are close, i can dm you my snap. if you dont have any of these but want to keep in contact dm me and im sure we can work something out.

ok thats it. thank you for some of the best memories of my life picsart, i love you and this is goodbye now :)

lots and lots of love,