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mybias_contest. Minnie Image by minho bes bday bub

Hihi uwu ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
You have choosen yes!
I am SORRY for not posting i was more active on dms and i am kinda stressed for ze school that starts in a week e.e . I will spend all my time I have with you Sunshines. Also this edit is for @tcddybear her contest #mybias_contest .
Minnie is my bias cuz she is amazing and I love her voice dancing skills etc.. i love all G-idle members no matter what💗💗
Info bout the edit
Who? Minnie from G-idle
Time taken? 20 mins
Apps used? Ibispaintx
Song currently listening to? R.o.S.E BLUE by Dreamcatcher (i cried while listening to it cuz it's so amazing ngl---)
Type of edit? Manipulation edit
Feel free to tell me ur opinions bout the edit!💗

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