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oc ♡Find 2152 Hippy hoppity Image by ❄🌊•Misty•🌊❄

Hippy hoppity yes
Reference sheet 👌👁👄👁🌸🍒🎀🌈🍩
I revealed Misty’s dArK siDe
*casually plays the SONG dark side*
Mk here you go > #referencesheet #oc ♡Find me♡
╭──❥ DISCORD♡ mistypotato #2152
(Please DM me who you are)
╭──❥ IG♡ mistypotato_
╭──❥ YT♡ Misty Potato
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╭──❥ ZEPETO♡ (Only DM me)
※Anyone else is not me, please tell me if someone is impersonating or stealing my artwork, or hating on me, I will yeet them off to the North Pole※

╭──❥ FOLLOWER NAME? Potato lovers (Even if you hate potatoes I'm just a potato so...xD)
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╭──❥I post every 1~2 days!
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╭──❥I reply to most/all comments
╭──❥I draw my own bases and I don't use gacha anymore for drawing

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