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hiya ! so i decided to restart my Image by ashley !

hiya !
so i decided to restart my taglist and following list vc why not? we're in quarantine so might as well. so i already i removed some names from my old list bc their pages were deleted so this is the one i have rn: @tropicalhearts @bibblesncream @disneyariana- @fxkesmilew @j4m1l4 @inmyheadari @flourishingrande @diorshelping @khewbetter @camsvsco @bccmqnt @glossybora @vibinq- @lcmondrops @gwsabby @clqud @multifandoms- @queenxgrande @ghostinlocks @crqstals @itcliana
@stuckunderthebridge @icyqlouds @bocabee @fancybutera @theliqhtiscoming @iconsbyliv @itzda_tea @aesthetictearss @mama_kaitz @milknhoney- @bqca @svcesful @spqce @awhcami @editiz @ninalla_j @multisky- @itzjustsophie @awhbutera- @bocashine @galaxymoo2330 @iaintyourangel @mccnlight- @stranger_pooh @smol_argent @alohaariana @glossyxcloud @ayyedallas @lil_puppy_dog_emily

so if u wanna be added to the list, or have something changed, follow one of these:
comment "🗝" to be added to the taglist.
comment "🔕" to be removed from the taglist.
comment "🎤" if u had a username change w/ ur old user.

[i will delete ur comment after u have been added btw]


the following list u can't do much abt it but i'll only be following active editors, but i jus wanna do it bc i don't wanna take to much space in my following for future ppl i might wanna follow, yk?

okie dokie, please comment lmao ly <3