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shapemask image

Hubby seen him outside at work & took his photo...there is a pond & meadowland/marsh by his work...so I did a simple cute cute background with #shapemask over #shapemask he did hiss at him with his legs pulled in... #turtle #wildlife #nature #shell #head
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Diamond Rose
@ms_seraph thank you, it surely was, I usely keep my cam with me. I never want to miss something. It just takes me forever to download them on my PC. I honored that my friends still like what I add. But I get more responses from Instagram. But Picsart is>>>
Diamond Rose
@ms_seraph is a Wonderful editing program. Alot of changes since I started yrs ago. Contests need more explanations of what they want. I try to vote. I see something they are looking for & it just disappears. Not sure if it just a daily thing. It's confusing>>
Diamond Rose
@ms_seraph I thank you so kindly for you support very much my dear friend😊🤗🌹💜🌹🤗💕

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