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I actually came Image by Tsuyu/Bakugo (for roleplay)

I actually came out in target. Heres the story UwU:

So, in third grade (before i even knew i was bi) i was on a sugar high and screamed on the playground.” HEY EVERYBODY. IM BIOSEXUAL!” Then some kid told their mom who told my mom about me saying how i was biosexual then there was a long lecture on how not to say stuff like that and u told her i actually wasnt and bla bla bla-
Fast forward to three weeks ago, we were visiting family and we went out to target to get some stuff for a party. Me and my mom were having a conversation about our most embarrasing moments. Then she said,” remember that time when you screamed in third grade that you were biosexual?” And i said,” Mom. I am.”
And she goes,” what?”
And im like, i thought i already told you this!” Cuz i actaully thought u told her when i actually found out i was bi. So there was an awkward silence.
Then she goes,” so your attracted to boys and girls?” And i go,” yesh UwU” and that was that. Im not sure if my dad knows yet but im sure my mom wil tell my dad sooner or later. :p