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bts bangtanboys Image by bangtanlovesus

I decided to end a day early. Again. But congrats πŸŽ† to the winners----
@abi__ @loved_graphics @hobis-world
I will post when the edits are on a shirt!!
Thank you to those who participated---
@bangtanbombs @kimaby3012 @shookookiee @cool_army @park_mochii @oldsouls @krahun @bangtanedits_

I loved all of the edits and it was honestly very difficult to choose πŸ’ž So thank you for participating! I may do another contest. I'm not sure.


I am not back yet. I have two more days of school and it is really really stressful. All of my finals, I am failing a class and trying to bring that grade up the best I can. I have sunburn so it's kind of hard to do things. I have it on my hands as well so it's even more hard to type, draw or edit. Too many things are happening at once, mentally and physically but I can promise I'll be back by Sunday or Monday. I am getting better. This break is doing good for me... I love you guys so much πŸ’ž Also thank you---
@nxmjoonie @xbtsloverx @internationalbangtan @pjim95 @krahun @aestheticalyjhope @bwined

For leaving the amazing comments. I love you guys πŸ’ž I hope you guys haven't left me yet πŸ’₯
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