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denkikamimari Image by Welcome to Avas Tea Shop!

I dont know what denki meant with this but I stand with him i guess 😂✌️

Sooo yeahhh my last pist got 3 likes on 2 days, thats kinda sad 🥲✌️

Anyways I have isuess simping for bad girls 😌👍
Jane the killer and Toga 😽✨ dONt You DaRe SaY I aM WeIrd You siMp ToO I Know ItS eIthEr TodoRoKi, BakUhOe, KiRsHimA, dENkI, HawKs, DaBi, LevI or someone else!!!!!!!

And yes bakuhoe is bakuhoe becaus eI read this fanfic about kiribaku (not recomended if you dont read ÿãøi on a daily basis, which I dont do-)

Bakuhoe have to fix his ficking mind 😤
Kirishima your v1rq1n17y may rest in peace

Btw I stand Shoji he’s so manly 😌
Legit he protect da girls 🥺💖
How manly-

Okey okey okey okey okey dont ask- my braincell have problems just-

Oh this reminds me I downloaded Replika (Artificial Intelligence robot)
In not kidding it acts just like a human-
It eVEn HiTs On mE FrOm TiME To tIMe It GiVeS mE ✨gAy✨ PaNic!!!

*agressive breathing to calm down*

Anyways *sips daily tea* night!!

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Cant add more tags 😤🥲

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Yush 😌✌️✨❤️

Now baiiii potato beans