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aesthetic image

i finally got to see him today! today was his only visit day from camp, and now he’s back there for three more weeks :( i’ll make it through. but today was special; he was extremely affectionate towards me again. in his room, we played some video games, then watched netflix and- you guessed it- chilled, but not the dirty chilled lmao just.. chilled. we cuddled a lot, and i loved it, because it makes me feel loved and i enjoy physical contact with him and close friends. he kept nagging me, though, because he really wanted to kiss me suddenly for some reason. unfortunately we did not for my reasons but i regret not doing so :( anyways i’ll post some updates! // current jam: everybody wants to be famous- superorganism // #aesthetic #interesting #art #photography #summer #love #lgbt #peach #peachaesthetic #tumblr #pastel #romance #freetoedit #artsy