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I hate making mistakes on my edits 😭 I’m a perfectionist and every little detail must be perfect but somehow that 6 got away from me. Darn it! Here’s another clock edit for redemption :’)

Alsooo, how about a q&a? Comment down questions you’ll like to ask me 😄

I’m a fourth into the steyibingo edits and edits in general. I’ll continue tomorrow (if I do have time) It’s new years week and my sisters birthday week as well. What a festive week!

See you later, lovelies~ take care ☺️💕
Back to sleep...

WAIT! I totally forgot to ask. Do you guys still remember the steyckerchallenge I was hosting? If not, I think that challenge might be fun for some people. You just have to use 3 stickers of mine. More info on the red/pink Jhope and Jimin edit. It’s just for fun, so no deadline or whatnot

I cut out and make nice design stickers too. Even better! 😎

sticker cr to everyone I used stickers from. I’ll put in the usernames later
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