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I have a deviantart and youtube, you can find me on both as WanderlustWings!


Okay, why am i posting this? I'm sorry, but this day was bound to come, the day I leave PicsArt.

Why? I can't keep up on here without a proper device to post and check notifications on. Also, it's very hard to use PicsArt as an art page, it lacks a lot of features deviantart has.

What will happen to you? I will continue to be active with art on DA, and post videos and livestreams on occasion on YouTube.

What will happen to your PicsArt account? I won't delete it unless I feel the need to. I won't post often if at all, and I won't be checking on my notifications. I will, however, post updates if I ever make a new account, or get a Facebook, Instagram, or etc.

What will happen to me? This is where it gets tricky. If you guys have YT or DA accounts, swell, we can continue chatting there! If not, I'm sorry to say that your options are limited. I am not promoting you to get a DA or YT, though. The Internet is crazy, and the more places you put your art or your face, the less safe you are. I do plan to sometime in the future expand to some other more common social media sites, and if I do, I will come back to let you guys know! Until then, good luck young artists!

I will be answering questions and goodbyes you guys have, but apart from that, this account is going to be kinda dead. I'm sorry, I know I promised to come back, but I realized it was more than just school that was keeping me separate from PA, and I can't do much about it.

Good luck, farewell, and never stop making art!

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Nooooo! I just saw this today :C Now I'm sad, I never got to say bye since youre probably never going to see this... Thanks for all the support since the beginning!! Ill check out your Youtube account and Deviantart, but for now, GOODBYEEE!!!!!
@pandigeek pffft of course i was gonna see this, i still check this post every now and then!
@pandigeek thank you for being so nice to me, and for returning the support back! good luck in the future, and hope to see you around! bye! <3