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⛩I hit 10K soooo here is “meet Image by they/them🍭

#freetoedit ⛩I hit 10K soooo here is “meet the editor”⛩

🎐You can call me Zuzu

🎏04 liner :D

🥡I am a girl

🥢My birthday is on 29th November

🧧My nicknames are llama 🦙 and giraffe 🦒

👍🏻Likes: Friends👭👭, Dreamiverse❤️, rain 🌧 , coffee ☕️ , food 🍔, sweets 🍫 listening to music 🎶, being alone, editing 📱, drawing ✍️ , swimming 🏊‍♀️ , K-pop 🎵, animals 🦙, aesthetic stuff✨, plushies 🐱, games 🎮

👎🏻Dislikes: Diets, anxiety attacks, rude people, bullies, my mental and other illnesses

🎋My personality: I am so supportive and loyal, I can keep your secrets and you can always trust me, I am really caring but childish, clingy, weird, annoying, drama queen and crackhead, so if you are my friend I am so sorry for you. I am so sensitive but I usually hide my feelings, so when you hurt me I will never show it :3

🍱I know 4 languages

🎍I am a bad cook :0(I almost burnt the house once)

🍜I am a K-pop fan since 2018

⛩My first group was BTS(and they are still one of my ults)

🧧I have so many ults

🎐I only stan boy groups (I stan more than 25 boy groups)

🏮I love trying new editing styles

🏯I sometimes think that online friendship is better than real friendship

🎎I always call myself a bad editor but I work really hard

🎐I have two cats :3

👘I am one of the smartest students in our country (mu country is small so I am not so special😅)

🍥I am soooooooo clumsy

🍣I use 🥺, :3, :0, :D, 👁👄👁 and hearts too much

🥢I sometimes overwork myself (I usually study for 10-12 hours during school)

🍙I look cold hearted irl because of bullies but actually I am not cold hearted

🥡I will graduate school next year :D

❤️If you wanna talk or have some questions for me feel free to DM me❤️

┊ .˚📩  ༘┊͙ t A g L i S t ;

Dreamiverse 🍥。:°ஐ🐳˚✧˳⁎˚❁🛁
┊      ┊     ┊⋆。  ┊     ┊    ┊    ┊
┊ ⋆。 ┊     ┊      ┊     ┊⋆。┊   ༊*·˚
┊      ┊     ┊      ┊     ┊    ┊
┊      ‧₊ ༉   ┊     ˚✩     ┊    ๑՞.
┊             ₊˚.༄             ┊
✩₊̣̇.                               ੈ♡˳

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Fan accs that I don’t deserve💖🥺: @thedreamyboyz-fan @-thedreamyboyz- @thedreamyboyz-lover @westanthedreamyboyz @thedreamyboyzfanacc @thedreamyboyzfan @i_wuv_thedreamyboyz @ilovethedreamyboyz
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DM me “💌” if you changed the username

┊.˚🌟 ༘┊͙t A g S;
⌎┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ #meettheeditor