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myedit jhopeedit jhopebts Image by ✨ mish 꽃 ✨

~ I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the beautiful people that wished me a happy birthday and made me such amazing edits :’)) you guys rock honestly thank you so so much 💖💕💖💖

you have absolutely no idea how much that all means to me ;;-;; it completely flipped my day from being tough to being amazing !! you all put a huge smile on my face 💖💕 honestly I was so so touched by all of the beautiful words and creations I just ugh you guys are the best 💕💕💕✨✨

it’s most likely gonna get sappy up in here cx so if you not a fan of that don’t read hahaha

but anyways :3

practically everyone forgot my birthday today hahaha i always bring my hopes up when it comes to things like this when I always try not to because the outcome just isn’t always the best ... but seeing everything on here, really warmed my heart and made me feel very loved 💕 you guys are the reason I do this, and I appreciate every single one of you
I appreciate the kindness that you all give me, I appreciate the love you show me, and I appreciate the friendship you’ve given me :3 because you guys have taught me so much more than anyone around me really could, and that’s respect one another and and spread kindness 💖 so I really have to thank all of you for that

I also have to thank you guys for being my biggest inspiration 💕 without my inspiration, there would be no creation. and because of what you’ve given me, I do my best to give it back :3

and for the support you show me every single day. you never fail to put a smile on my face 💖💕 every word that I read from you guys just means so much to me 💕 it really does. And every edit that I see just makes me feel so happy because you are creating as well ! :3 and you have inspiration too and I do hope that you are also receiving love and kindness 💕

so thank you to all honestly 💖 I have never ever felt so much for so many ✨ I wish I could give you all millions of hugs ✨ because that’s what you basically did for me today :3

you guys are all my stars ✨ and I appreciate every single one of you 🌟

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