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I just wanted to say a big congratulations to BTS !!!! :3 honestly it made me extremely happy seeing them on that stage less than 24 hours ago ohmygoodness πŸ’– i was extremely excited to see them and nervous bc wow ?? i mean they were probably extremely nervous too cause they literally made history last night and i could not be prouder to be able to witness it πŸ’– i did cry, i cried when they won their first billboard and i cried last night when they literally opened the doors fo the world of kpop to so many people and broke the barriers of music. i mean its true that their music goes beyond the language. Even if you dont speak korean you get the message, you can sing along, you can jam out and its great honestly like they really show the world just how much they can give by using their songs, dances, and communication with fans πŸ’• so yes i did cry, but not just because of all of that, but because as soon as i heard the fanchants start i couldnt stop my tears because holy cow ? did yall hear that ? it just made me think of how much they felt the love on that stage because being in a foreign country, with all that goddamn pressure of making history and showing people who doubted them that they can do what they do and more, must have been so overwhelming for them, and the fact that their own fans were there chanting their names and were on the journey with them basically telling them that they were there for them, and that they were going to do great, it was just absolutely amazing. You could really feel the support and the connection that those who are ARMY just get when seeing them preform :’))) ✨ i am so so thankful to be in such a loving fandom and proud to be an ARMY because of what i witnessed last night πŸ’• thank you ARMYS all over the world !!! you really make BTS proud so keep spreading the love !! and remember never listen to the haters, honestly there was such sad hatred going out to them as well as love, but i think the love really conquered it all :3 love overcomes hate no matter what πŸ’– so thank you to those who sent love last night, back then, and for many years to come !! Heres to BTS !!!! πŸ’–

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Simran Rajput
Bts !!! Is beautiful!!!!