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kakegurui kakeguruiedit Image by inactive

i know people hate shitposts so heres an edit im not that fond of

anyway *-* im like slowly falling out of the kpop fandom and picsart community because im more interested in mcyt (maybe anime 😳) and twitter 🙈

if i start posting non kpop related things please dont get on my case

also i finished attack on titan yesterday and i cant wait for season 4!! if anything happens to levi, hange, and armin i will not hesitate to throw hands 😀 im lowkey such a simp for levi its fucking stupid send help PLEASEHDBD

taglist time!! @yeonfused @10velyjohn @ethrealism @bby_nctzenn @fairyhwa_ @nctinthehouse_05 @monkey-kim @ohmykang
tell me if you wanna be added or removed!
please lmk if you changed your user too
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