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I saw my fears It lead me here No excuse Fear has no use Other then to bury you beneath Where you lose your self and your belief The path you choose Is yours win or lose What you make of it is up to you It's hard to do I've been a real a I'm sorry I didn't see I didn't listen to myself I didn't communicate Maybe I've been trying to be strong for so long That I didn't see how weak I've become Maybe it's because of a past I never really dealt with I don't know maybe these words are worthless. I don't have all the answers, I'm not anything special but I'm going to try to be by being a better me and I think I have to leave PA to do that. So a few pics in appreciation to all of you fine artist you deserve more appreciation then I ever gave or can give for your art, your time, & the beautiful souls you are!
♡love it... so fantastic pic and lovely words my dear ♥Membox

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