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parkjimin bts bangtanboys Image by ❁ goodbye, loves ❁

❁ i start to split two halves of my heart
• all these concept photos have me thinking! So good! But anyway back to my weird rant you don’t have to read past here. Two halves of one whole. Left is the face portrayed to the world, the media, everyone. The right is the face of how he actually is. I know, everyone has talked about idol life and regular life differences a million times. But we all do this, idol or not. I do not enjoy it, but i put on certain faces based on my setting. When i go to school, im quiet and shy and i only talk to my close friends. When i leave school, im talkative to my family. Then night comes and im sad. No one but you guys know that side of me. I always edit at night, so way too many of my edits have emotions embeded in them. Then i do those faces over and over again every day. Its tiring and i dont like it. I can’t leave my tiny box of who people think i am because i am too afraid to show people the whole me. However if i were to truly be myself people would avoid me more than they already do. So im not me. Ever.
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