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ice broken masterstoryteller Image by Lylee Mettka

#freetoeditI swear I tried to put in “I am a master storyteller” in another way, but picsart crashed 3 times and the way i wanted to do it took 30 minutes on average. So I gave up. 😅

You see all the gears? Yeah! There are a lot more in my PicsArt journey, but these are just the biggest, most noticeable parts. This clock represents my journey on PicsArt. I started with only 1 gear, which represented me. And from time to time more gears were added. One of the gears might be you. It may not be seen here, but you see, a machine sometimes doesn’t only need the big parts, the ones that are most noticeable, sometimes it is not even able to work properly if that one little thing is missing. Which shows that only if we work together and all take part at it, the machine will be able to work. So, Thank you loads for being part of my clock and helping me to make it work :)

Anywayssss. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. Thanks so so much @picsart !!!

And to everyone else who ever visited my account... Thank you so much! Please, everyone, take that personally. Thank you so much! Every single one of you helped me and supported me in any way.
I already listed a lot of important supporters and nice people in the previous post, so if you wanna go check that out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Oh, and THANK YOU @rfg99pics for the great idea of this edit. Thank you so much.
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