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I think this is something we Image by like i should

I think this is something we all need to hear right now.. its been a tough two days since the beloved Kobe Bryant and GiGi died yesterday. I know ive been taking it hard. Anyways.. it makes me realize how much we can take for granted. We need to spread more love and be grateful for our blessings bc in the blink of an eye it can go away just like that. Then you sit there thinking of words you couldve said. Dont be that way. Say everything now bc u never know what might happen. Dont be afraid if being judged, just do it. Bc one day youll regret it.

I dont say this a lot but theres two very important people in my life. @limelights_unite and @dcydrvmn
I dont think ive ever loved two people more and idk what id do if i lost them. Im very grateful