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I took this picture yesterday so sorry for the moody look. I was in alot of pain. But I wanted to talk about myself more because the newer people don't really know my story. I don't like talking about it often but for y'all to understand why I'm... Me I guess let's start.
Hi, my names is Ashleigh. But my nickname is Ash. I live in Texas! I have 3 half siblings and a brother-in-law. I was born 12/19/2007 my mom has what's called M.S. Please don't look it up, it may give misinformation. I'll explain it the best I can. Your white blood cells turn against you and start to attack your brain and the to of your spine. Messes up the nerves in your brain so some actions that may seem easy may be hard for someone with M.S. There's no cure and my mom has had this for 7 ish years. My dad is.. pretty normal I would say. Temper tantrums from time to time, but he's a good dad other then that. I had a pretty good life till I hit the age of 11. I had a game phone (No phone number, so I couldn't text or call, all I could do was okay games) but I started messing around with things I shouldn't have. I watched pórn, and I got in discord. Now you may think "That's not that bad, alot of people are on discord" I didn't have a great experience. 6 of my friends passed away from suîcide and I got death threats daily. I was bullied for my body and my personality. I online dated boys and girls I shouldn't have. But it doesn't end there. When I was 12 I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend back then. I'm still a virgin, but I was to close to having sèx. I went to counseling for help and I started antidepressants, the first couple didn't help, my first one I had a bad reaction to and I was a completely different person. I didn't take it for long, but if I did I may have passed away. I attempted suîcide October or November of 2020. Of course i failed. I chickened out because I thought of my boyfriend now and my family. I'm doing alot better then I was. And I hope this makes you Understand the pain I go through everyday and the guilt I feel all the time. This wasn't meant to make you feel sorry for me. It was to make you be happy that I'm still alive, that I am human, and why I have to help people no matter the cause. I have more to talk about but that's the main part of my depression. I also have anxiety, (separation anxiety, anxiety attacks, I forgot what it's called but anxiety Because of being in public and etc) PTSD. And OCD. But that's all I have now but yeah. Have a nice day!

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