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Tutu Fujimoto
Oh Tony, many thanx for tellin me about him! I was also worried about Axel because still no post of his pic here🐶 and now so happy to hear that from you!! Please take your time then, I'm lookin forward to see your new pic with Axel!! I know he'll be gettin more better soon because he's got a really good master/friend like you😊💚👍 Cheers from japan!!!
Tony Neely
@tutufujimoto hi, I'm glad you got my message! I know sometimes, picsart doesn't always notify us of messages. I have forgotten to post a new picture of him. I think I have one of us to post. Thank you for reminding me. Lol. Hugs 💜💜🐶😊💜💜
Tutu Fujimoto

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