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I want to start off by saying sorry to you all for the lack of posting. I worked myself too hard for the past 2-3 weeks getting little sleep and stressing out to the point where I believe I had gone crazy. During all this time I have been working my butt off to complete my portfolio submission to a great animation program at Sheridan College. I basically saved all the final products to the last mintue since I couldn't draw anything that looked like a final piece to me. Finally, on March 5th, I went to the school, gave my portfolio away at 8:30am and picked it up at 2:30pm, all with a whole 2 hours of sleep - so yes I was a bit loco all day. I will know my results anytime past March 26th, however, I do believe that I will not make it this first try. I am not skilled enough for their needed standard. But not to worry, I applied to their Art Fundamentals course which will basically train me towards creating the type of portfolio the animation program needs. I hope to post all of my drawings I submitted soon, so you can all see them. I had a lot to do, care for me to elaborate? - 3 human life drawing, 2 animal (3 poses must be action and all drawn from life) - 2 had drawings (one about to do an action, second carries out the action) - object drawing of things found in your home in the shapes of a cone, sphere, cube, and cylinder. (One normal drawing of the objects, second drawing of something happening or had happened to the objects) - character rotation of an original character on separate pages (front, 3/4 front, profile, 3/4 back, back) - Character expression sheet (neutral, angry, happy, sad and surprised) - 2 action poses of your character - Storyboarding (you are given 2 characters. This year was a dog or a man, I chose the dog. Use the 4 panel storyboard to show the character finding an object and viewing the outcome) - Room line drawing of a room in your home. You must draw a character in proportion in the room. Then draw a second room line drawing from the characters point of view. - 5 personal art work pieces And the drawing you see here was part of my personal art work submissions. Sooo, yeah that was...that was a crazy 3 weeks my friends. Have a great weekend!!! ~Love, Monica♥
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Ghada Hijazi
Wow thats very much its not easy! Well good luck dear, keep working hard as long you are enjoying what you're doing. What matter is the outcome! Wish u the best!!
Ghada Hijazi
I'm considering taking animation courses after graduating from collage, my parents and all friends freak out at the idea and say i'm mad. i study telecomm engineering and it has nothing to do with animation. Its my fourth year and i never enjoyed any of it 😑
Monica Santos
@ghada993 Thank you, I will never stop trying! And aww I think it would be great if you studied animation, go for it(x

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