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I will be taking any requests for edits! Lol im trying to revive this account:) just comment down below who you want me to make an edit of! 💓💕💕

Short story:
“You know we are best friends, right?” I nodded back at Jungkook who was rubbing his hands together, obviously nervous. He then asked: “You know that everyone thinks we are meant to be?” He glances at my eyes carefully, readying himself for the response. “Yes.” Jungkook lets out a frustrated sigh and he looks in the distance where my home is. We slowly are approaching it, another day with him coming to an end. I’ve got mixed feelings. I’m not sure about him or me. Because of that, I have always just remained close with Jungkook but not too close. I guess that’s rude to push him away when he is near, but i cannot seem to decide... Out of desperation, Jungkook holds my arm. He stops us from advancing towards my house. Slowly he releases his grip and glides his hand from my upper arm my hand. He holds it. Glancing at the two joined hands, he begins to smile, a glimmer of hope in his eyes - certainty. Realizing the need to get to me, his head rises up and our eyes meet. Determination is written all over his face. “Then why do not do anything? Are you not aware of my feelings or yours? Why do you not reject or accept me?” Jungkook questions me. Fear lingers in the back of my head. I look away from Jungkook’s eyes and back at our hands. Is this what I want? Jungkook smiles softly at me. He recognizes my confusion. “It’s okay. Maybe I wasn’t that obvious. Well here it is, I like you. I like you lot but I will not scare you away with the words ‘I love you’. I will walk with you all the way and take it slowly. I promise.” He looks at me and I fall into his embrace. Warmness melts away my fear and butterflies fill my stomach. The attraction towards him comes at full force. He brushes my hair gently, and I slowly bring my face to him. “I like you too.”

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