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"I wish, I could fly. I wish I could touch the sky", or "scheeiißeeee😨" where probably the last words of this soldier guy, before he hit the ground👇. I photographed this old drawing of worldwide II in the history museum of "Megalo Meteora" Monastery at Meteora, Greece. The history tells, that the guy fell down the rocks, when trying to put the Nazi flag on top of one of the steep Hills. Though this is not very well known, Greece had to suffer a lot of the torture and murder of the Germans in WW II. I wish this time had never existed:(. I know a lot of old people here who still have memories about that. Although I don't believe this will ever happen, I wish people on this planet would stop killing each other and live in peace. Will we ever learn that we are all the same, whatever nation, colour or religion we belong too? #history #sad #greece #germany #WW II #oilpainting #museum #meteora
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Beautiful words! And humanities only hope for survival is to see the same vision. If our capacity for compassion doesn't catch up with our capacity for ingenious war devices....
👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌 very good words, PEACE IN THE WORLD
Marina Heide
Wonderful words and thoughts! Thank you so much! ☺

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