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balcklivesmatter Image by Danganronpa Meme Store

#freetoeditI would like to start of with the #balcklivesmatter movement isn’t a trend or something to do because someone else is doing it. It isn’t something that’s gonna die down or be laughed at in a few years. It’s a movement, not the latest Instagram trend.

Black lives all over the world have been hurting every day because of people who don’t understand we’re all equal. Why do the color of your co-worker’s, peer’s, student’s or anybody matter to you? We should all be treated equally. We should all be treated with equal respect. Black lives aren’t tools to work in a cotton field, or people to hate on. They’re just like any other human being. They’re human’s too. They have feelings and emotions, we’re no different. So why go around and treat them like they’re “lower class”? Because they’re not! They’re just like everybody else and should be treated with the same amount of respect and fairness as others. They have families and lives just like us. They have hopes, dreams, careers! They’re not objects, they’re equal to us! They’re suffering, and President Trump isn’t helping. We all should be treated equally and I’m gonna fight until they get the sane amount of respect as we do. Remix this post to show that you care and to spread the word. More people need to know we can’t just sit around saying “uh yeah BLM I guess”. We need to speak up. #blm #blmmovement #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmattertoo #blacklives #blacklivesdomatter #blmfist #blm ! #blmprotest #treatpeoplewithkindness #wereallequal #equality #equality4all
#remixed from @annalivelovelaugh , @catie_ , @kuromikoo , @anizadikian , @nova-is-hella-cute , @cloudy-aesthetic