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i.am.absolutely.discusted Image by a v a🔗 ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵇⁱᵒ


the people in this fandom are hear to love and support each other and the boys, not to cause drama. i hate opening twitter or something and seeing a "fan" hate on one of the boys or look to cause drama to gain clout/attention. these boys have been through so much and toxic people will not help. as dani said, they just wanna make music, not have to see drama everywhere in the media saying "oh yeah i only stan 4/5 now bc _______ did this" it breaks my heart to see that we are falling apart as a fandom. people saying that the boys shouldn't be surprised if they came back and no one was in the fandom anymore. THIS BREAKS MY HEART. they work so hard and are already under shit with their management, so people saying those kinds of things can lead to so much stress for the boys you came into this fandom to love and care about, no matter what. it should not matter what their past has been. just recently i saw a post about someone unstanning zach because HE got death threats from someone else, COME ON that is absolute bs, death threats are no joke and can put you down a dark path, we are so lucky zach or any of the boys haven't done that because of all the pressure and stress they are under. it's sickening that some people come into this fandom, where we build each other and the boys up and tear us apart, one negative or toxic comment can leave such an impact on anyone. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.all All of the fake fans who left the fandom because they were on break. guys, they were only gonna be on break until like March/April but because of covid, they can't come together and produce it and make sure they are in love with it. so the people saying that by the time they come back no one will be left can leave this fandom. we are here to support each other and why don't we, not to tear the limelights apart

good things take time. remember that