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... Image by Melyssa 💕I’ll love you forever💕

If your not Ellie, Saher, or Gwen pls dont read. @ellie_blaser omg where can i start, youve always been there for me, and you were one if my first friends on this app and im so glad weve kept talking these last six months. youve helped me through literally everything and your such a vibe and insperation and your drop dead gorgeous🥺 honestly your the reason im still alive and i owe you everything. your such a sweet person and ill do anything for you❤️ ps butterfly hehe (you were my butterfly) @pikerandbraddison weve gotten so much closer after the last few months and you are sooooo pretty, idc what you say🙄 you are so supportive and always there for me. it makes my day opening my phone in the morning and reading your texts even though its the middle if the night for you when we talk😛 but you better shoot your shot with the boy you like hehe. ps sorry for keeping you up till 3am @badbxtch_xo we havent talked much recently but you helped me more than you could ever know through the summer, just having someone to talk to every day that accepted me for who i was. your so pretty and funny i loved talking to you and i looked forward to waking up every morning with reason in my days. your such a unique and cool person all your friends are lucky to have you. also this is gonna sound weird but you have such a cute nose lmao. ily all so much❤️ #thisisntforyou #freetoedit
#remixed from @stacey4790 , @_miss_ally_ , @annalivelovelaugh , @seraeatscarrots , @picsart