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ioi ioichungha chunghaioi kpop Image by g o n e

Ignore the crappy quality of this😬, but Chungha’s comeback was a bop, queen Chungha doesn’t disappoint❤️❤️

Also, i just wanted to remind everyone that my contest with @ksdsstudios01 is still going on. I would appreciate it if you entered, the rules are on the edit that says “contest” (you would of never guessed)💞

Oh AND @raspberry_rifil IS A TALENTED QUEEN❤️👌

Thank you @-jungwoos-skerut- for listening to my rants, you’re the best bro🤧😤✊
@kaityluvsmusic you’re the sweetest, i love you💜
@ahgabambam thank you for supporting me, you’re so nice💞

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