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me people snapchat editforme idk Image by ‎ ␆dani ␆

“ i’m feeling some type of way,
and its not good.
i gave, and i gave.
and i tried, oh i tried.
but in the end, you said goodbye
while i shattered and cried.
maybe i just had no place in your life,
i mean, i get it..
i’m the embodiment of a curse.
and the day you cut me off,
and pushed me away..i was reminded,
that i’m just temporary.
and not a person meant to stay.
in moments such as these,
i recall why i desire to be alone.
because if i’m alone,
no one can hurt me.
no one can use me,
and no one can gain my trust
and then leave.
i hear things are well,
that your doing great.
i’m happy to hear that.
even if what we had,
now feels fake.
it seems like your better off without me.
and you’d rather be with your closer
friends than me.
i understand.
i’m the stupid one here.
for believing i could
mean something to you.
and believing that i could be set free
from my mind that tells me,
eventually they all pack up and go,
and again you’ll be left all alone.
this is where trust issues come into play.
so i guess i’ll say thanks for the memories.
and for the time you wasted on me.
i’m not mad. more like, sad with myself.
for becoming an eyesore in your picture.
you’ve erased me completely
from your scripture,
and i’ll do the same.
i won’t say your name.
yes, i’ll still feel the pain.
that i was nothing. N O T H I N G...
but a replaceable piece in your game. “


directed. :)


whats poppin. 👀

and yes i scribbled over my hand, bc im insecure. theyre tiny. smh. 💀


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have the day you deserve :)💗

oh and yes im still in sweden.

pssst dm im bored and your cute.

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