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I’m really excited about the gender reveal on March 28th! I couldnt contain my excitment so i decided to go forth with making a countdown so maybe all of you can get just as excited as i am! 😍 I already have a boy and a girl name picked out! I just don’t have a middle name for the girl name yet. 🥺 But i’m in the process of working on it! Anyway, so, yeah. 16 days until we’ll all know the gender!! I’m going to have the gender written down on the ultrasound so i can reveal it at home with hubby! 🖤 SO EXCITED! I would also like to add that @gothmilq will be making my gender reveal edit so i can share with all of you! Thank you again, Darling for taking the time to do that for me! 🖤🖤🖤 #mommytobe #genderreveal #countdown #happiness #excitement #freetoedit
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♡ キングストン ♡
@myspace_slut I know! I’m honestly hoping more for it to be a little boy but i’m happy with either way!! I’ll love hom/her the exact same. 🖤
♡ キングストン ♡
♡ キングストン ♡
@gothmilq and to make you feel even more special, you’ll be the first person on here that i share the name with depending on the gender! 😍