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lightyellowcontest Image by stickerzsz

#freetoeditI ’m so sorry for the innactiveness!(I probably spelled that wrong) But I’m back and im gonna make some more edits, do more contests, and definetly make more stickers!❤️I actually wanted to make this post to make a contest! I wanted you guys to know that my favorite color is light yellow so, I want you guys to make a light yellow edit!💛For this contest I am going to set it up jsut like last contest. You will have to enter this contest by using the caption, #lightyellowcontest .Comment in the comment section if you like it?😂Anyway, for first place you will get a whole post for a shoutout and 5 likes on each picture on your account and a follow from me! For second place, you will get 3 posts liked from me and a follow! For third place, you will get a follow and 1 post liked by me! And just so you know, I will be liking all of the edits that are put into this contest!👍🏼 REMEMBER TO PUT THE HASHTAG #lightyellowcontest good luck💛💛💛💛
#remixed from @roseytrixn , @grieneisen012 , @koast_unknown