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im sorry but im thinking Image by ♡︎𝙰𝚞𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚢♡︎

im sorry but im thinking about deleting my account. its a hard decision but i im bout to the point where the hate and fake ppl get to me. i think ppl actually csre about me and then i find out they totaly lied to me and hurt me and have pulled me down soo low so now i think poorly of myself. i havent made a final decision yet but i may not be as active as much bc idk who i can trust anymore on this app. im sorry to the ppl ive hurt and to the friends ive mad ill try to stay im touch but gettinh told how i should kill myself and dont deserve to be happy is excessive. especially to the ppl that have told me that they actually care about me and fuck around with other ppl and lie to me about it. my dm’s are open to anyone but i jus wish some of yall wasnt soo two faced . ill let yall know if i decide to leave...😭💔

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