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beforesunset colorful Image by Giorgio Grotto

In & out. Dedicated to all of my friends that have someone sick or patient or old or young but in those conditions. @artdeco80 @gianfry62 @camillo2 Dentro e fuori, dall'ospedale. Questa foto è stata scattata da un finestrone del nuovo ospedale. In certi luoghi ed in certi momenti, solo l'amore, l'affetto e la bellezza possono essere di conforto. La vita diventa perlomeno tollerabile. Life and dead are always no longer with us. All we need is love, affection and beauty. The beauty of our lover, sons, mother, father, pets, friends, town, country. Of art, nature, people of all the world. Of stars and planets. Of a landscape of a summer sky seen from a great window of an hospital. Life is better with love, affection and beauty. More tolerable. #beforesunset #colorful #emotions #love #nature #photography #summer #newhospital #in &out