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inspired by @rqzorblqdes

for those who don’t know, self harm is when someone intentionally harms themselves. one of the most common ways and the one i’m mostly going to be talking about today is c*tt*ng. if you don’t know what that it, don’t search it up. for your own good <3

i’ve included a few self harm alternatives in the niche meme but i want you guys to know that there are hundreds of things you can do to stay clean. some of them will seem dumb to you, some of them will feel like they’ll work. it all depends on the person, you never know until you try. if you self harm and you’re trying to stay clean, please remember that relapsing is normal. the road to recovery isn’t straight and smooth, you’ll have your bad and painful days. you’ll feel like giving up and that is okay. it doesn’t make you weak, it doesn’t make you a bad person. it means you’re human. don’t beat yourself up about it. you can do this and i believe in you. that being said, here are some other alternatives for self harming,,,

alternatives that will give you a sensation:
    •    ping an elastic band on your wrist (not too hard)
    •    draw red lines on your skin
    •    finger paint using red paint
    •    run your hands under freezing cold water
    •    clap your hands until they sting
    •    drink freezing cold water
    •    put elmer’s glue on your hands then peel it off
    •    massage where you want to hurt yourself
    •    take a hot/cold shower/bath (not lukewarm)

ideas that help vent anger and frustration:
    •    go somewhere quiet and scream
    •    scream into your pillow
    •    punch your pillow
    •    tear up a magazine
    •    write down what made you feel angry and scribble it out until the paper is worn through
    •    blast loud music
    •    write a letter to the person who made you angry (don’t send it) and tear it up
    •    cry
    •    viciously stab a fruit like an orange
    •    throw something against the wall (like a pillow or a stuffed animal)
    •    exercise or dance

ideas for when you feel alone
    •    look at pictures of your loved ones
    •    think about your favorite person
    •    start a conversation with someone
    •    talk to someone you trust / love
    •    listen to your favorite music
    •    take a walk outdoors
    •    spend time with a pet
    •    read / reread your favorite book
    •    watch your favorite show / youtuber

ideas for when you’re sad
    •    congratulate yourself on each minute you go without self harming
    •    draw or paint
    •    call a friend and ask for company
    •    buy a stuffed animal
    •    give someone a hug
    •    self care
    •    eat something sweet
    •    try to imagine the future and plan things you want to do
    •    look at things that are special to you
    •    compliment someone (or yourself!!)
    •    read the bible or pray if you’re religious
    •    allow yourself to cry

ideas for when you’re feeling nervous or panicky:
    •    do a grounding exercise
    •    listen to soothing music
    •    meditate
    •    hug a pillow, toy, person, pet
    •    write down all the things you can list about where you are now
    •    feel your pulse to prove you’re alive
    •    accept where you are in the process
    •    try synchronized breathing

    •    color / dye your hair
    •    recite the alphabet and then do it again but backwards ;)
    •    complete a task you’ve been putting off
    •    count up to 500 or 1000
    •    scroll through social media
    •    play with toys
    •    talk to a friend
    •    do school work
    •    watch tv
    •    paint your nails

    ⁃    remember that you don’t have to hurt yourself just because you’re thinking about self harm
    ⁃    acknowledge that c*tting is harmful behavior. say “i want to hurt myself” instead of saying “i want to c*t”
    ⁃    repeat to yourself “i don’t deserve to be hurt” even if you don’t believe it
    ⁃    remember that you always have the choice not to harm yourself, it is up to you what you do
    ⁃    think about how you may feel guilty after self harming
    ⁃    avoid temptation

some websites that include alternatives to self harming are:

https://www.crisistextline.org/topics/self-harm/ #what-is-self-harm-1





remember that you are not alone. you are loved and you matter. if you ever need to talk to someone, i am here.
my discord is kiara <3 #6866
and my pinterest is rivulette_

if you need my number then let me know and i’ll give it to you. you’re not alone <3

#selfharmawareness #selfharmrecovery #thebutterflyproject #suicideprevention

i felt really bad editing this bc i felt like i am glorying and romanticizing s*lf h*rm and before anyone comes at me- that is NOT what i’m trying to do at all. i know s*lf h*rm is a very very serious and sensitive subject to a lot of people and it is very much a real thing. s*lf h*rm should never ever be glorified under any circumstances. s*lf h*tming is not something beautiful, it is painful and terrifying. please be respectful.
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