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[interview 10]

in for dark,spooky edits which look like masterpieces?then i have the right person for you.read this interview of @woon_ssi to see what goes behind the creation of these artistic pieces.😍

1.how much time has it been since you started editing?
I started editing in 2018, April 7th. More than 1 year!

2.what made you start editing?
Just for fun! it started like a hobi and now feels like my passion. uwu

3.which apps do you use for editing?where do you go for your resources?
I edit in ibispaint x. Put filters in Polarr, put the fonts from Phonto and search my resources from We Heart It. (+ the stickers from picsart)

4.do you have a specific editing style?describe it briefly.
Um; I'm always changing my style and trying not different things so I don't have an specific style.

5.where do you draw inspiration for editing from?anything that motivates you to edit?
When my inspo disappears I just look for tutorials and look at amazing edits from Whi. My motivation is myself, I try everyday to lighten up my mood by editing. it's been hard lately, also bts that are great models ( full inspo based on them) and my fam!!❤❤

6.have you ever felt like giving up on this skill?if so what motivated you to come back?
Oh. definitely, hundred times. I always come back bc this is kinda my source of happiness. I just feel relaxed when I edit. I also can't let everyone behind from one day to another, this means a lot to me.

7.what does this skill mean to you?
By skill do you mean talent? people always ask me where do I get this "talent" from and I think it's not about who is more talented, it's about practice and learning new things. everyone can be talented if they purposely do it.

8.did editing teach you any valuable lesson?
Many. Never fall down, there will be always someone up there waiting for you. Enumerating them will be endless.

9.any message or tips for your fellow editors?
As I said! Never give up!! I also love them so so much:(

10.BG: BTS❤
UB: Tae❤
FC: Blue and dark colors
if you're feeling bad listen to; Keshi - Right here

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it's a simple edit,sorry(but i kinda like it😅)life has been hard people.i have got to many assignments to complete and got quite some long ass chapters to read for tests and on top of that i fell sick yay😒🙂.so sorry for being this inactive😫😭

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