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[interview 17 with @taerbl ]
you really need to check them out or else you will die with tons of regrets, that's all i'll say and you should read the interview too or else you will have 2x regret🤧💓
(p.s.-if you find a blank feed,do check out their 'public posts' collection😅)

1.how much time has it been since you started editing?
Maybe a year ago. I use to edit years ago but that’s an unspoken history..

2.what made you start editing?
Idek I was just bored and jobless and wanted to try something new. I really like artsy things so I was like why not?

3.which apps do you use for editing?where do you go for your resources?
I use picsart, ibisPaintx, Polarr + online editor: photopea. For resources I use We Heart It, Pinterest, DeviantArt and tumblr.

4.do you have a specific editing style?describe it briefly.
I don’t know how to describe my editing style since it’s always inconstant. I would say I’d always tend to go on the minimalistic side but end up with complex results anyways :D

5.where do you draw inspiration for editing from?anything that motivates you to edit?
Editors on picsart, designers and artists on Instagram, etc. I sometimes look at certain artist illustrations and get inspired.

6.have you ever felt like giving up on this skill?if so what motivated you to come back?
Honestly multiple of times I felt like giving up and smashing my phone against the wall :/ It’s quite frustrating when you visualisation of something doesn’t work with you when you’re editing.. Or when your mind goes completely blank.exe. I think it’s wonderful comments that always lift up my mood and motivate me to do my best ✨

7.what does this skill mean to you?
Means a lot. I think editing helped me find myself but also lose myself at the same time ? - quote by random person.

8.did editing teach you any valuable lesson?
Editing taught me to look at things in a different perspective and add a little colour to my life. It also taught me to be a bit more patient and learn the importance of perseverance - I’m not really satisfied with my edits and I think there’s still a lot to learn.

9.any message or tips for your fellow editors?
Never stop experimenting and try new things. Remember that it’s okay if you make a mistake, with every mistake you learn something new. Your edits don’t always have to be perfect :)

10.your bias group - BTS, NCT , Svt, Ateez and few more 😅
your ultimate bias- V (BTS) and jaemin (nct)
your favourite color- white
a song recommendation of desired genre (one or more)- DPR CREAM ~ color drive
- NIKI ~ I like u

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