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It’s Image by -forget_me_not-’s second/backup acc

It’s been a while since I’ve done any life updates
At all
So here we are
Only read it if you’re extremely bored

Let’s start with quotes:
“Thicc boi” - @-amxthyst- 2021
“Cat food’s not bad-“ - @amber_wishes 2021
“Nooo damn it people have eyes!” - @-amxthyst- 2021
“How’s life?”
“Life is yummy??”
“Yep” - @amber_wishes (and me)
“*sorry I almost burst out laughing*....SEEDLING” - @megan_3007 “I gtg, but I’ll leave you guys with this: you need help” - @-amxthyst- “THERE’S BRAIN BLEACH? WOW LET’S GO START SELLING BRAIN BLEACH ON THE FOOD WEB” - @megan_3007
I think that’s enough
Yeah I’m still on break, coming back in 4-5 days depending on how I feel
Dw dw I’m posting soon so yeah
I’m not dead yet
Not sure if I’ll ever quit picsart but I hope to reach 10K before I quit.....or I just don’t quit at all until like- I’m an adult and I have better things to do? Idk, the future is unknown

Voice chats are fun, you can’t convince me otherwise
I’ll direct quote from a friend “it’s like a breath of fresh air”, and I agree
Finally experiencing what it’s like to start over again feels pretty good
Man can’t wait to reset my social life again, not that I dislike my current friends, no don’t get me wrong I love my current friends (no homo, and in 1 person’s case, no romance*???*), but it feels nice to reset, keep the old ones, and start over probably.

Ahhh peace at last, I can stop being petty now

Also someone insulted Dear Evan Hansen today and I feel insulted. They said that the musical was messed up all based on one song that they read the lyrics of without context, so like???
In result I read the most depressing and sad part of the book to them (and a two others) serves them right :)

Hhhhhhhh I think that’s it, no need for vents this week yayyy