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Just a lil thing before the chat gets Image by 👻

Just a lil thing before the chat gets taken away n I probs won’t use pa that much anymore </3

@thatloser_kun Y’know Ily n I honestly would write a shit ton about it but y’know I’m not THAT cheesy 🧀 < hehe- anyways. You’re meh fave human ever. And Ilysm hoe. Love yourself or I promise I’ll come shoot you 🔫 while holding ur hand 😌
We don’t talk a whole lot these days but bby I really just admire you as an editor and a person. 🥺 Despite what you think I think you’re very strong and overall a great person. <3 Plus it’s real fun to talk about homophobic assholes. ✨
We very recently started talking but liek-
How can a human be so adorable I dun understand, teach my your ways 🥺 but fr tho I hope one day you have as much love and confidence for yourself because you deserve it and I will 100% be dming you on Pinterest so be ready to mi lob <3
You. Better. Start. Loving. Your. Name. It’s. Adorable. 🔫 But yeah, we only started talking yesterday but tHat doNt mAtTer. You’re so cute n sweet like. You make me 🥺👉👈 sm. I hope we continue to talk because I rly enjoy it. <3