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» w i n n e r s «
@wingsofpassions we absolutely loved!! your edit the first time we saw it!! it’s so so pretty and the back story just added like 100 points to the uniqueness and creativity level!! you did a great job and congratulations for taking first place!!
@hansolstea aah your edit is so pretty!! we really like the details you added with the white lines and the picture you chose of taeyong!! and the tattoos look amazing!!
@steyi we love the makeup you added on kaji lucas!! + the details in the edit are beautiful!! and the small back story you added was so cute :’)

and of course, thank you to everyone who participated!! all of your edits were amazing!! it was so fun to see all the creative things you were able to produce for this challenge 💕💕
#jkplanetproject #kajitakeover
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Hey me again remember me? :) well I still have around 1,2,3,4 like on almost every photo. But wow you’re amazing. I’m really jealous:( well you have done an amazing job on everything I’m glad you helped me out when I was chatting you,it’s nice that you replied to me nobody replies to thank you 😇🙏
Your the best person I’ve EVER ment thank you so much😭😇🙂☺️😌😭