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lake image

Lake Peruča was made in 1959 when Cetina river was divided by an embankment dam. The artificial lake on Cetina river covers approximately 15 square kilometers, contains 541 milion cubic meters of water, is 20 km long and 65 meters deep. It was made by a construction of 67 meters high dam near village of Donji Bitelić, for purposes of Peruča hydropower plant. The creation of lake had flooded a number of settlements and Dragović monastery built on 1395 during the rule of the Bosnian-Croatian king Tvrtko. Lake Peruča is the largest lake in Croatia ad has a triple function: it masters the water for downstream hydropower plants, regulates water level of Cetina river and holds the largest fresh water reserves in Dalmatia. Lake Peruča has ideal conditions for the implementation of sports activities. Due to its location in the basins, no hurricane winds or waves occur there, and it provides care-free rowing, canoeing, fishing...and still, the wind is strong enough for sailing and surfing. Appealing nature, air, peace, tranquility and proximity to water provide ideal conditions for walking, jogging, brisk walk, swimming and fun in the sun. #lake #mountain #summer #landscape #travel #village #houses #croatia
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