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Light Through my Veins "It feels like I'm carrying light through my veins" #freetoedit Here is a #freetoedit my friends, because I want you to express onto my art! You mean a lot to me and you helped me getting through a lot of things such as my depression and my art block... you've always supported me and showed me your love. This is one of the only places I got this much recognition and love from people other than my friends, my teachers or my family and I feel so lucky to have you all because you are what inspires me in the end. I wouldn’t be what I am today without you all, maybe I simply wouldn’t be there anymore since you all really helped me realizing that, I too, could be someone important to others, I too had something to give and share with the world...! And it gives me a really strange and hopeful feeling, as if my veins were full of light. <3 And you? What brings light through your veins? <br>#remixit
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Jessica Bonila
@kadolive beautiful eyes😍❤👑
Marilyn García
I think your work is amazing
Good night marilyngarca3 this is chedy sleep dreams see you in the morning

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