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corbyn Image by ~we some bishes u can’t manage~

look at this precious lil bean🥺🧡 @corbynbesson-
New eedddittt yeeyy
Kinda different vibe (lol i say this for literally every edit i post, but don’t judge meee i like trying new tings)
Edit info:
📙aesthetic- bruh i never know vsco (lmao ima get bashed for this so much) and orange
📙type- aesthetic edit
📙time taken- kay lil storytime.. basically i had this idea of putting the legs like out of the polaroid frame (i saw an edit but idk who it was sooowyyy if i find it i’ll tag) and i fiddled around with the cutting and bunch of other crap this whole day, then trying to figure out wtf should i add cuz it looked plain, and that was going on through out the whole day, but in total for this version it took 45 mins? Idk
📙my grade- after all the crap it went through, i’m pretty proud of this edit 9/10
📙person- Corbyn Besson - Why Don’t We
📙more info- creds to pa’s filters, they totally saved this edit 😌
📙hashtags- #corbyn #besson #corbynbesson #whydontwe #whydontweedit #wdw #wdwboys #whydontwecorbyn #polaroid #orange #aesthetic
📙contest- @ima_limelight3 #limelight3contest (idk if thats the hashtags sorry if i got it wrong)hope you like it hun

Personal info:
📙mood -😌 (this is lowkey my fave emoji)
📙song- Don’t start now by Dua Lipa
📙note- three more days to join mine and Alanah’s contest chop chop 😏 btw we’re at 440 🙈 thanks blimeysss

Omg this desc is so fkin long

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