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Meet @nicksoden, a creative member Image by PicsArt

Meet @nicksoden , a creative member of your community. He used to live in a town on Vancouver Island, planting coastel trees for the forest industry. I know, how cool is that?! But, that’s not all! “On days off, with photography being a passion of mine, I'd go around town and take pictures. There was this one night I was wandering through this park that was also the local cemetery, where I took some pics of a tree that was beautifully illuminated by a streetlamp. I found a bench to sit on in the cemetery under this giant cedar tree and opened up Picsart. I immediately, on the spot, started editing and turning my pics into abstract designs. I laughed at the strange juxtaposition between what I was doing and my location. Because there I was at night, sitting next to all these dead people and their graves, making art on my smartphone. Also, even stranger, but very inspiring, as I'm walking out, I share my creation to Picsart, and immediately get some "likes" and comments from people as I'm walking home. This to me is Picsart: an amazing, portable and powerful image editing software right in your pocket, with a vibrant community that is right at your fingertips.” We are so thankful for our tight knit community! We are AWESOME <3