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btsedit bangtanboys Image by caitlin

Mono. Is art. Its so beautiful!😭 Thank you namjoon for such a beautiful masterpiece🙏🏻💜💕
All of the songs are so freaking good! I love them so much!

I made this edit, and tried to incorporate everything from the mv, im really happy with how it turned out. Hope you all are doing well!

Here's my typed reaction to this Masterpiece!

1.🌃Tokyo - love the city sounds in the background, and oml namjoons vocals, i melted. The lyrics oml, and i love the whistle at the end, this would definitely be perfect to listen to at night. It has a nice atmospheric sound, like your really in the city at nighttime.

2. 💖Seoul - This has got to be one of my favorites from mono, and im so glad namjoon and honne got to collaborate on this, i love the beat and chorus its so catchy and so chill😍😊🎧🎵🎶

3. 🌙Moonchild - love the beat and how its So chill, and when namjoon said " moonchild you shine, when the moon rise, its your time"😭 it also reminds me of the 4O'CLOCK lyrics. Love how relaxing it sounds😍 jimin comes to mind when i listen to this, i think it's because one of jimin's nicknames is moonchild plus when i saw that the track was called moonchild i instantly thought of jimin, hehe😊 am i the only one who thinks this?

4. 😎🖐🏻Badbye feat. eAeon - oml when i saw eAeon was gonna be on here i was so excited! Ive heard some of his music
And its amazing, his voice at the beginning though, and him and namjoons vocals combined together is heaven. Those lyrics though "kill me softly" and "please break me into little pieces" like dang, but the way the way the tone of the song transitions from dark in the beginning to something melodic and sweet at the end is simply beautiful👏🏻💕

5. 👍🏻Uh good- namjoons heavenly vocals attacked me once again, also the lyrics when namjoon said " All i need is me" "All you need is you" "if you don't go through it, you can't know it" and when he said "i feel so lonely when im with me" got me.😔✊🏻💕 i really love the lyrics they're so powerful and have such a beautiful meaning.

6.💚 Everything goes feat. NELL - I also got super excited for namjoon to collaborate with NELL, i discovered nell 2 years ago, and really enjoy they're music, so im so glad namjoon got to collaborate with them! As soon as i saw the lyrics " it will pass, eventually for sure" i couldn't help but feel sad, tears almost came to my eyes, its like namjoon is saying that through all the hardships we face, it will pass and so when i listen to this i can't help but feel sad about the hardships me and my family are facing at this time, but also hopeful for the future. Thank you namjoon🙏🏻💜💕

7.💧🕳Forever rain is asdfghjkl!!! The mv is so perfect, i love the animation, the piano sound has such a beautiful and mysterious sound and it sticks out to me the most, and the sounds of rain were absolutely perfect it really gives it that atmospheric sound, but the beat, and the guitar, everything from the song, to the lyrics to the video, i absolutely love everything about it.

Mono is such a masterpiece and pure art, the feelings i had when listening to each song, it tells a story like for example in one song i could imagine myself in the city the next i could imagine i was in an empty atmosphere where it was raining.
not gonna lie the lyrics in the songs had me concerned but i understand namjoon is expressing his thoughts and feelings into it and we all have thoughts like this at some point right?, im just glad he's sharing his feelings and putting them into songs that are absolutely perfect, each one tells a story and makes you feel so many different emotions, and the lyrics have such powerful meanings in each and every one of them that we can all relate to at some point. You worked so hard namjoon and im so proud of you, thank you for creating a such an ethereal masterpiece, I Purple you🙏🏻💜

So what are your favorites from Mono.?🤔
Its so hard to choose favorites, because i love each song, but if i had to choose, i would choose " forever rain" "Badbye" "everything goes" and "seoul"

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