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aesthetic pink fantasy desert girl Image by lynn🇵🇭

my heart is a floodgate of uncontainable chasm. there’s nothing to spill but an ache that seeps through your skin and bones, a silent rattling of cage gripped by phantom hands, wanting to rip it off until nothingness unravel you to the point of no return.

keeper // l.

(picsart’s tendency of crashing while you’re in the middle of doing an edit is both a pain and a numbness that i’m already well-versed of.

anyway, thank you so much for all your undying support! it really means so much to me! i don’t say it often but i’m really thankful. here’s an edit that i’ve been painstakingly working on for the past five days amidst the crashes and restarts. 💖)
#freetoedit #aesthetic #pink #fantasy #desert #girl #trees #alone #moon #sky #prose
#remixed from @susilovesphoto , @freetoedit , @ritouchs , @sweetpoison211 , @pann70 , @novo_chan6102 , @maevaj , @jra007