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Name: Tyson- (Again Image by Bow down bitches (Lol)

Name: Tyson- (Again Im just looking up Names bc im to lazy-)
Sexuality: He be bi-
Pervy:Not really-
Soft:Only towards me and whoever is his lover-
Badass:Well he can fight real well and he has powers- So idk- yh-
Rude: Pretty much- Just get used to it-
Likes: Cake, music, sleeping.
Good at:Self control, singing, sleeping, and math- (Ahaha-Something im not-)
What we would call probably unwanted facts: His eyes turn red and he gets protective of he feels threatened-, He sleeps alot unless someone is talking to him or he is singing (Obviously-), He was born is a lab-, He has a sister-, He hates taking baths- (You legit have to force him and make him feel unthreatened- Id know bc he my pet dragon UwU, He has that black spot on his eye bc he has a demon inside of him-, Hates when people touch me or his lover (Bc he is loyal and my pet- He protec-), perfers to stay 6 feet away from everyone (Not bc corona- Just bc he doesnt really like other peeps-)
Backstory: Ill do it later.