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fnaf gacha Image by Β« 𝐆𝐨π₯𝐝𝐚 | πŸ’.πŸ—π€ Β»

πŸŽ€ New edit πŸŽ€
For: Me and all fnaf fans UwU
By: Me
Oc: Mine (cosplaying as funtime foxy)
Time: 6h and 2 mins
Apps: Gacha Club & Ibis Paint X
Bg by: Google (from fnaf game)
Style: Lineart, custom stuff, effects & more
Proud: Yea s k s k
Quote: None
Theme: Fnaf/funtime foxy
Why: Cause I actually like fnaf now :’DD
No no- I haven’t played fnaf, but I watch gameplays, related stuff and my friends playing it. And welp- I’m working on another gachatuber edit (not saying who yet-), so ye UwU

β€’ Not stolen copied or traced!
β€’ Don’t steal copy or trace!
β€’ Ask for proof if you want to.
This was inspired by the game β€˜Five nights at freddys’, all credit to rightful owner(s). I do not own the background, it’s from the game. β€˜Funtime foxy’ is not my oc/character, and none of the others. Again, all credits to the admin(s) of the game.
What is β€˜Five nights at freddys’? If you’re under 13, or easily scared, I recommend you NOT searching.

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