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lisablackpink lisamanoban lalisa Image by caitlin

New video! 💫 https://youtu.be/_4mlWsl45dY 💫
Hope you guys enjoy my video! I've never tried a style like this before, and so im happy with how it and the video turned out! And i hope you find the video helpful in someway. Make sure to watch in 1080p!
And thank you all for the love and support you all have shown me on my channel, i appreciate it so much!💜💕And we're so close to 1k subscribers! Asdfghjkl!!!

Just noticed how today is the 9th, and the number of my vid is 9 lol.

Also Thank you for 21.6k followers here on picsart!!! Also thank you for 20k! i never got a chance to say that as well, but thank you all so much! All your love and support means alot to me and always makes my day! Im so blessed to be able to create and share it with you all and the world. Without all of you and all your support none of this would be possible, so thank you so much and i love you all😘💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖💜💕💖
I know this isn't related to the edit, but i just wanna say that i can't wait to see our boys at the Grammys!!!!! Im so excited and so proud!😭🤧

📜Sticker credits: @pann70 @paorod22 @e-heaven 📜

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